Aoe2 Club is an initiative to offer Age Of Empires II : Definitive Edition players the ability to view advanced informations about their profile and other players profiles. It was possible thanks to https://aoe2.net API.
20/05/2020 : The information displayed in Player Profile might have wrong values. This is unfortunately can not be fixed at the moment. I'll try to find solutions to fix this.

Features :
The two main features currently are :
  • Player Profile
  • Civilizations & Maps : Pick rate & Win rate.
    Frequent opponents.
    Elo Evolution interactive plot.
  • Countries leaderboard
  • Leaderboard for over 80 country.
    Countries leaderboard : Average Elo of TOP 4 players in each countries.
New features are added on a weekly basis. You can share your ideas & suggestions at our discord.(see below)

Questions / Answers
  • What is the source of the data displayed on this website ?
  • We use Aoe2.net Api for players rankings and match history. We also use SteamAPI to display players countries. (If the profile is set on public on steam)
  • Does Aoe2 Club store/share my personnal data ?
  • No, your in-game data (Match results, rankings ...) is retrieved via your public steamID. We don't have access to your other data (such as e-mail,your name etc). You can check Steam privacy policy for more information about this subject.
  • I like the website. How can I help ?
  • Thank you, I made this website so people keep enjoying playing! You can share your thoughts & ideas with us the Discord. If you are a programmer and you have a spare time, you can contact me on Discord. I have some ideas to create new cool & useful tools.

    You can also help to pay the server monthly costs, please reach out to me on Discord (yosai#4524).
    The server cost is around 20€ / month. I'll make sure to add a Thank You section for people who choose to support!

If you have a question, you can join us on Discord and post your question. It will be added on this section later on.
The site is maintained and developed by Yosaii.
Yosai17 (For contact or just to stay up-to-date with new features.)
Yosai / Aoe2.club (Join the rest of the community at our discord server to share your ideas/suggestions or report issues about the website. )

Last update of this page: 21/05/2020